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Satis Project
SATIS Project details for better Thane station & surrounding.
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Water Solution
110 MLD water supply to Thane City.
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University Sub centre
Work satrted for Mumbai University Subcentre in Thane.
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Mahanagar Pipe Gas
Mahanagar pipe gas connections in various parts of thane ciity.
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"Dear Thanekar's its been pleasure serving you as a Mayor of Thane City. Without your support and Blessings I couldnt have completed the Projects which has made our Thane proud and reclaimed status Nationwide."

I was born in Mumbai but when i was 8 years old our family shifted to Thane. My father used to work at company in Mumbai. I used to admire Shri. Balasaheb Thackery from childhood.After completing my SSC from M.H.High School in Thane and then HSC from Arts Faculty from Somiya College. As resident of thane's Charai area i got in touch with Shri. Anand Dighe Saheb. While establishing Shiv Sena 80% Social Work and 20% Politics was told by Shivsena Pramukh Shri Balasaheb Thackery. I was working with Shri. Anand Dighe for 26 years.

During that tenure Shri. Anand Dighe Saheb supported me to stand for Corporation elections, and due to his guidance and people support from charai area i won elcetions and was elected as corporator. I have held many positions in my political career starting from Shivsainik, Shakha Pramukh, Corporator, Standing Committe Chairman and Finally Mayor of Thane City.

Few Words….. Certainly from heart

“It is certainly a pleasure to present a short review of my duties that I devoted for the development of this city. I am happy to say that almost all the works, which I had assured you, are completed. I must say that none of the works could have been completed without the guidance and blessings of Mr Balasaheb Thackeray, the Hinduhriday Samrat and Chief of Shivsena.

Along with it, I must thank Uddhav Thackeray, Executive President of Shivsena who encouraged me at every step to serve people and to make city a better place to live.

Late Anand Dighe, Shivsena leader Subhash Desai, Vinayak Raut, MLA Eknath Shinde, Late MP Prakash Paranjape, senior leader Anant Tare, all the office bearers and every Shivsena member who directly and indirectly not only encouraged but also helped me to achieve my goals to serve you.

Your help and love have always kept me busy in every social sector like education, cultural, art, sports, etc. at the same time while conducting duties of a responsible Mayor. I must appreciate the un-covetous, impartial support of the members of Shivsena in my every mission.

However, this is not the enough. Hence ahead also I want to spend my strength for you at every moment, let it be day or night. I wish you will certainly welcome this progress report and will guide me to serve you better. I promise you that every moment of my life will be four your betterment.”

Hon. Shri. Balasaheb Thackery's words about Shri. Rajan Vichare.

Rajan Vichare’s work has been appreciated by Hon. Shr. Balasaheb Thackery, the Shiv Sena Chief. He says “Rajan Vichare’s work is best. He has worked in various field like Cleanliness, Road, Water supply, gardens and Cultural Programmes for the citizens.”


The young and enthusiastic evergreen social and a real friend of a common man. He has raised the value of The Mayor’s Chair and put an example not only for the Thane but before all the Mayors in India, how the Mayor should be and what he can do it. He had made up his mind to do something better and best for the people of Thane. He never loses his heart but encourages his co-workers. He has tried his level best and still in action. He moved heaven to earth. He is alert and active and ready to work tooth and nail.

The development of a common man is his aim.

As a Mayor Mr.Vichare paid heed to the Transport facility. There were many problems, Need of good roads, increasing population and the most important was “Pollution”, CNG vehicles were preferred. The citizens should be happier was the motto.

Development of Thane was and is his aim. The name of Thane has been brought on the map of India. Social Educational & Cultural aspects of Thane should be always at the Top is Rajan Vichare’s aim. During his regime of 2 ½ years he has proved himself “The Best”.

We are proud to say that Thane City was given the “Best Beautiful City Award” during Vicahre’s Tenure. And the credit go to then Muncipal Commissioner T.Chandreshekar & him. Thane is know as city of lakes, with the view to develop Thane more and more he from the viewpoint of the aesthetics (Science of beauty) developed many lakes. Various gardens and nature parks are developed during his regime.

In this website efforts have been made to take the survey of the work placed and presented for the citizens of Thane. He has touched every walks of their lives. He has left no stone turned.

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