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Satis Project
SATIS Project details for better Thane station & surrounding.
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Water Solution
110 MLD water supply to Thane City.
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University Sub centre
Work satrted for Mumbai University Subcentre in Thane.
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Mahanagar Pipe Gas
Mahanagar pipe gas connections in various parts of thane ciity.
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While developing Thane from all sides, we honestly tried to conserve the art and culture of this ancient city. We started the children play festival to enhance the talent among children. Along with it, drawing compitetions, Janakavi P Savlaram memorial festival, one act play competitions for youths are the other event that are being conducted to develop the talent of Thane residents.

At the same time, Folk art Festival is being organised for conservation of the folk art of Maharashtra so that it could reach to every common man and hence could be conserved further. Some cultural festivals such as Narli Pournima are celebrated in such a way that the youths would know the the importance and scientific traditions.

Events like Pandit Ram Marathe memorial festival and Thane festivals are being organised for the same purpose and interestingly every Thane resident is proud of it.


Thane is believed as the city of art and culture. This city has a surprising combination of art, culture, literature, sports and many other things. This city has produced several art and sport personalities that are shining in their respective fields. To glorify the art and culture of Thane and to take it to entire Maharashtra, we organised ‘Thane festival’, which was the peak of the cultural tradition of Thane.  With the help of all the artists, that have links with Thane and the pride residents of Thane, we could organise ‘Thane Festival’. The festival, that broadened the boundaries of Thane talent to each and every corner of Maharashtra.

The event proved the ability of Mayor Mr. Rajan Vichare. The moment, people experienced on that day, is certainly unforgettable for them. Several personalities from Marathi and Hindi films participated in the festival. Veteran vocalists like Pandit Suresh Wadkar, Ravindra Sathe, Ajit kadkade, Rahul Vaidya exhibited their talent on the banks of Historic Masunda Lake while the a special event Sonu Nigam Night was being performed at Dadoji Konddev Stadium. It was really a historic event for Thane that was witnessed by Uddhav Thackeray, Shivsena Executive President and several other leaders.


Different types of Cultural Programmes are organised continuously and promoted for the different age groups. It is worth to mention some of them such as Thane Festival, P.Savlaram Smrti Mahostav , Ram Marathe sangeet Festival. Lok Kala Mahostsav, and different types of Competitions are worth mentioning. Thane Municipal Corporation is the only corporation which has received  the “Best Award of Organisation” by Maharashtra State Kabbaddi Association”. Undoubtedly, the credit goes to Rajan Vichare.

It is the fact that nothing was possible for us without your co-operation and hence we are bound to you to give you much more.
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